Dissecting the Dissections: MCOM 352 Edition

LOLHello friends! I know it’s been way too long since I last wrote something for this page, and trust me I feel bad about it. I can only hope that another post will help to ease the pain of the last three weeks or so. I’m coming at you with a whole new approach this time. Instead of dissecting a certain media text for the signs that make it powerful, I’m going to critique my fellow classmates’ dissections. SO basically what I’m doing today is dissecting a dissection: Does that sounds like Inception, or what?

I chose tree classmates: Tyler Beard, Ashley Wellington and Jorge Brown-Ojeda. I scoured their critiques of certain texts and gave them a whole lot of praise and a little constructive criticism for the future. I’m no expert, that’s for sure, but maybe if I give another view of a text, if could go a long way in understanding the media that much more.

Yes, people will critique my work, as well. Feel free to do the same, if you’d like. I always like another fresh look at how media affects our lives as we indulge in it. Today, I’ll paste my comments on my classmates’ blogs and conclude with what I learned from this activity. I hope you can enjoy this one as much as my last post. If you didn’t enjoy that one, maybe this will suit you much better. After all, it’s you that I’m trying to impress!

Tyler Beard and Breaking Bad

Breaking badHey Tyler! I just got done reading all about Breaking Bad and its effects on the world as we see it today. Boy, does it seem like an interesting show. I never got into it, but with Netflix, I can binge-watch it until my eyes fall out, which I hope never actually happens.

I really did like the way you presented the show in terms of semiotics and structuralism. I think giving the MCOM definitions was a good idea to give your readers a good perspective, but I think it would have been really cool if you took that definition and put it into your own words as well. As a student in this class, I obviously understand what you’re talking about, but I think a non-MCOM 352 student might have trouble with it. Still, I loved the way you presented each and described the show.
I think the look at Walter White as a character was a great idea, because from what I know about the show, he’s what makes it tick. I also thought the choice to look at gender roles in this show was a smart one, as it seems there certainly is evidence to believe that women are mistreated in Breaking Bad.

I will say, though, I think using videos of the examples you were trying to present could have been useful. Scenes like this one could have helped illustrate the depiction of Walter White even more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMEq1mGpP5A. Overall, though, I think you knocked it out of the park in terms of describing the affect Breaking Bad has on how many see the world today. Can’t wait to read more!

 Ashley Wellington’s American Dream

MKTO_albumHey Ashley! This was an awesome description of just a 3:45 music video. Yes, I have to admit I watched it twice because the first time, I was rocking on it. Safe to say I’m a MKTO fan now, so thanks for that. But the second time I watched it, I realized all the parts of the story that brought the theme to life that the American Dream is certainly different than before.

Choosing to go into detail about each character in the music video was an awesome idea and I think it drove home the points you were trying to make about the emplotment and storyline creating the overarching theme. I do think it could have helped to have images associated with the characters, maybe from a screenshot or something of that sort. Your descriptions were great, but I think pictures could have brought your point home even more.

I think you’re right in that the audience is mostly younger females (and apparently a 22-year-old male now), but I think it would have interesting to figure out how older generations would view this music video. Would they agree that the American Dream is different or would they stick with what they grew up on? It would also be interesting to use stats like this. Either way, I think this was an awesome example of narrative analysis. Thanks for showing me this new band I can listen to and not feel bad about it at all!

 Jorge goes to the Office

officeHey Jorge! Awesome job with this blog. You have a great layout and it makes it even more appealing for readers. You clearly showed that you knew everything about narrative criticism and you included examples of almost every term that you brought into the picture. Examples are crucial for people who know nothing about media criticism or ones that take the class and need a refresher (cough, cough….this guy right here).

Your intro brought the readers in nicely with what yo wanted to talk about. However, I think the description of media criticism and narrative criticism could be condensed a little bit. The actual critique didn’t start until the eighth paragraph and I think it could have been more effective earlier in the blog post. However, it’s hard to argue with the knowledge that you presented here.

The examples, including the ripples in a lake one, really helped the reader understand the terms you brought up. I liked what you did with dissecting characters like Jim and Pam and how they were presented in the show. These two characters were the most “normal” but still had their own problems that made them unique. I think it would have been helpful to include more videos or pictures to give the reader a visual on the depictions of these characters. Overall, though, you did an amazing job describing the office in terms of narrative criticism. Keep up the good work!


Whew! What a refresher this was for me going down the road. Not that I forgot the terms we learned, but this sure put them back into my head for good. I certainly enjoyed looking at how others defined media criticism and described their respective terms. As always, I think everyone did a better job than I did, and I saw many little ideas that could have made my blog post even better. That’s the glory of reading others’ perspectives on anything; it only strengthens your own.

I did feel a little uncomfortable giving any constructive criticism, though, because there isn’t a specific structure to a blog post. I’ve written a few blog posts, and I can say that each has a different style and format. Who am I to say how someone should arrange their blog? You know?

That’s not to say I couldn’t give a few pointers about how to make the posts come to life even more. I’m sure I’ll get the same little pointers and will be better because of it. After all, this is a class. Aren’t we supposed to learn in class? This assignment surely made me do that.

Now, I have to break some news to you readers out there (all one or two of you). This might be my last blog post. Yes, I know it hurts me too. With class ending in a few weeks, I may lose touch with you guys. I hope that’s not the case and I continue to critique media, but if it doesn’t happen, I want you to know that you’re appreciated. Maybe I’ll get you a Christmas present or something. Would that help?

Animated_ Christmas_ Gifts_and_Santa_Hat

Anyways, I’ve rambled enough, Have a wonderful Holiday season everyone!